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High-End binoculars with PROMINAR lenses

The optical technology of the PROMINAR XD lens has been passed from spotting scope to binocular to bring the world of chromatic aberration free views to binoculars.


High refractive index prism

The new prism system of the GENESIS 33 allows for a wide field of view and edge to edge sharpness with minimal loss of light. This high refractive roof prism (Bak4 + SK15) offers near total reflectance and when combined with Kowa's proprietary C³ -coating the ultimate viewing experience is achieved.


Phase-coated roof prism

The prism is phase-coated to ensure sharp images and outstanding performance.


Close focus of 1,5 m

Ideal for observation of plants, insects, and other objects within close range.

Diopter lock

The diopter control is equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps the diopter from accidentally being changed.

Waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas.

JIS 7 = Japanese Industrial Standard / class 7 = Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water.

Name Lens
GENESIS 33 8x 33 mm 8x
GENESIS 33 10x 33 mm 10x