Two-In-One Non-Mydriatic and Mydriatic Fundus Camera.

Highly effective and ergonomically designed, the ideal tool for eye-care photography.
VX-10i, camera of extend possibilities with the optional ICG filter, VX-10i become the perfected fundus camera performing all non-mydriatic color, mydriatic color, FA and ICG.

Standard set


Fundus camera "Kowa VX-10i" 35mm camera back


Digital Set


Fundus camera "Kowa VX-10", Video adapter for SRL camera, Nikon SRL camera


Adapted to High-pixel SRL camera and images are saved to CF card.
(*FA images is shown as green)

Digital Set+VK-2


Fundus camera "Kowa VX-10", Video adapter for Nikon SRL camera, Nikon SRL camera, Filing system "Kowa VK-2"


↦ VK-2, Adapted to Internal Networking. Linked to the Digital Imaging System VK-2, all images can be saved and shared through a LAN (Local Area Network), enabling establishment of and internal network system of your own.

Digital Set with analog ICG +VK-2


Fundus camera Kowa VX-10, Video adapter for Nikon SRL camera, Nikon SRL camera, Analog black and white CCD camra, ICG filter, Filing system Kowa VK-2


Analog internal black and white CCD camera as been developed for ICG images.

Digital Set with Digital ICG +VK-2


Fundus camera "Kowa VX-10", Double video adapter for Nikon SRL camera and KD-144i, Nikon SRL camera, ICG filter, Filing system "Kowa VK-2"


The 1.4 mega pixel black and white CCD camera (KD-144i) has been newly developed exclusively for high-resolution ICG images.

VX-10i's ICG Angiography

The VX-10i features almost all VX-10α functions; using the optional ICG filters enables ICG angiography. In ICG mode, LCD monitor observation of the retina is possible. In addition, the use of the optional 1.4 megapixel black and white CCD camera allows high-resolution ICG still image photography.


ICG early phase (click to enlarge)


ICG middle phase (click to enlarge)


ICG late phase (click to enlarge)

Linked to Kowa VK-2, Adapted to Internal Networking

Both VX-10α and VX-10i can be linked to the advanced Kowa VK-2 Digital Imaging System, enabling all images taken to be saved and efficiently organized.

Furthermore, the VK-2 system is especially designed to create an ideal and original clinical environment where all images can be shared anywhere as you wish through a LAN (Local Area Network).


One Click Image Processing (click to enlarge)


Comparison Image Display (click to enlarge)


Comparison with Perimetry (click to enlarge)


Enlargements (click to enlarge)


Multiple Image Display (click to enlarge)

Montage Function,

enhanced with advanced algorithm to obtain panorama images that are easy to observe: automatic positioning with fine rotation adjustments and smoothing function.


Montage (click to enlarge)

Multiple Step Flash for Various Photographic Modes

A wide range of light exposures assures proper exposure in every mode.

Moreover, strobe light being extremly low when taking digital images, photophobia is significantly reduced.


Multiple Step Flash for Various Photographic Modes (click to enlarge)