Portable Slit-Lamp

Compact, all-round slit-lamp with desktop operability

Enhanced portability during examination featuring a sculpted grip for easy handling, light weight design and ling-term continuous illumination and an optional digital/video adapter.
The SL-15 is a highly portable slit-lamp and an all-round player in any situation.


  • Rechargeable, cordless for unrestricted examination anywhere.
  • The lighting switch is in the grip can be turned on when pressed lightly.
  • Easy, simple selection of one of three slit widths or a spot illumination.
  • Quick, one-touch selection of either 10x or 16 x magnification
  • Built-in cobalt blue filter.
  • The stand doubles as a battery charger. (second battery is option)
  • Utilizing a lithium ion battery is adopted to make the unit compact and light.
  • Extra-bright halogen lamp light source.
  • A large-capacity battery permits long-term continuous lighting. (Approx.40minutes)
  • Simultaneous charging of the main unit and extra batter.
  • Supports digital/video with the optional video adapter. (1/2 or 1/3 inch, C-mount)

Optional Accessories

Main unit with video adapter


Spare Lithium ion battery


Head rest


Carrying case


Kowa is pleased to inform that we can offer a new model of carrying case for only the optical body of "Kowa SL-15". This is a comfortable and save way for you to transport our hand held slitlamp everywhere you go. This new case will be available in orange or black.

  • extreme solid
  • dustproof, airtight and waterproof
  • temperature stable from -40° C until +80° C
  • unbreakable case made out of ultra-high-impact ABC
  • Pre-cut foam insert for a maximum of protection
  • inside dimension:335x225x140mm
  • outside dimension:360x270x155mm
  • Weight: 1,7 kgs
  • Volume: around8 litre
  • 30 years warranty