Fundus Camera

Kowa nonmyd7, an easy-to-use fundus camera with the capability of 12-Mega-pixel high-resolution digital image acquisition utilising an external digital camera. Sharper, clearer images will guarantee outstanding performance in clinic scenes.

The all-in-one compact, lightweight digital fundus camera employs an advanced design in compact technology.

This cost effective design uses intuitive ergonomic operations to make getting photographic results easy.

Kowa nonmyd 7 utilizes a 12 Mega-pixel digital camera.

The high-resolution digital camera offers high quality images and allows for professional and easy image storage, comparison and networking in Kowa’s digital filing system VK-2 portable™ (more information about VK-2 and VK-2 Portable is available here).

Nonmyd 7 takes high quality images in 45° required for several pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy and AMD.

Special about this camera is the optical magnification of 20° that allows acquiring images of certain regions of higher interest and is mainly used for image acquisition of the optic nerve head.

Zoomed 20° image | 3D flicker-display

Optic nerve head pseudo 3D display using the Kowa flickering 3D is based on the animation of two sequentially acquired images of the optic nerve head. This display feature gives even more comfort to the examiner as well as a powerful tool to educate the glaucoma patient in terms of ONH analysis.

Also available:

nonmyd α-DIII