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Kowa lenses used for production of Wacken 3D – Louder than Hell

Kowa’s JC10M Series has been used for the production of Wacken 3D - Louder Than Hell, the first 3-D documentary about the biggest heavy metal festival in the world.

Wacken is a small village in Northern Germany where the most famous bands of the international heavy metal scene perform once a year at the legendary Wacken Rock Festival attracting almost 75,000 fans.

Director Norbert Heitker, producer Tomas Erhart and their colleagues have tried in their production to catch the unique Wacken experience. They filmed the 2013 festival with 16 3D cameras around the clock in real stereo 3D.

During the test phase the Berlin-based S3D and high-speed rental company Tectum tested together with Tom Erhart several suitable lenses for the production. In the end they decided to use Kowa’s JC10M Series for the 3D production.

Christian Klimke of Tectum says: “We decided to use Kowa because they offer the best quality for C-mount lenses. We also compared the JC10M series with 16mm and 35mm PL mount lenses and the image quality of the JC10M series was better. Another factor in our decision was the small size and low weight of the Kowa lenses.”

Wacken 3D – Louder than Hell will be in German cinemas in spring 2014. Additional information can be found here:

↥ wacken3d-film.de


1” 6 Megapixel SC-Series
Kowa adds a new series of high resolution lenses designed for 1” 6 megapixel cameras to its portfolio. The new SC series can be used for sensors down to 3,5µm pixel size. It includes five different models with focal length between 12mm up to 50mm.

The new lenses perfectly fill the gap between Kowa’s HC-Series and XC-Series.

↦ SC Series


2/3” IR-corrected 5MP P-Iris Series for ITS
The JC5MM-IR series is designed for high-end quality demanding ITS applications. With focal length between 16mm up to 35mm the series is covering most requirements for traffic applications.
Special optical design and the use of aspherical lens elements made of special XD glass (eXtra low Dispersion) guarantee crisp and sharp pictures from the corner to the edge, from visible light to NIR.
Please download the specification sheet for detailed information:

↧ Flyer (PDF | 0,8 Mb)   ↦ JC5MM-IR Series


2/3” 5MP - JC5M2 Series
A new 2/3” 5MP lens series is designed to fill the gap between Kowa Standard MP lenses (JC1MS) and the overwhelming JC10M lens series. Redesigning the previous JC5M series led to following improvements:
Better transmission; brighter optics (Lower F-Stop) and robust innovative mechanical design.
An overwhelming cost/performance ratio of the JC5M2 series makes it to be a candidate for any quality demanding application.

↧ Flyer (PDF | 1,6 Mb)   ↦ JC5M2 Series


Wide Angle 6mm 1“ C-mount lens from Kowa!

Kowa is offering the worldwide widest range on 1” C-mount lenses with 8 different models!
In addition to the very well-known 1” HC-series with line-up of 7 models from 8mm – 75mm Kowa is adding a new wide angle model with 6mm focal length.
With a minimum working distance of 10cm the new LM6HC is a perfect lens for application with limited space between camera and the area of interest. Just as other machine vision lenses from Kowa this new model is constructed to withstand high requirements on vibration, shock and temperature.

Please download the specification sheet for detailed information:



Wide Angle 6mm 1“ C-mount lens from Kowa!

The complete line-up of Kowa 2/3” Megapixel JCM lens series has been reworked mechanically to implement iris and focus scale for all models. All JC1MS lenses are on stock and available for applications where specific precise iris setting is required.
Please check the specification sheets of the JC1MS series for detailed information.

↦ JC1MS Series


Kowa JC10M Series - used for 3D production!

Kowa JC10M lens series has been used for the first 3D production from ZDF for a documentary about two extreme-climbing brothers, the "Huberbuam", famously known for their film "To The Limit".
ZDF tested Kowa lenses in combination with sinaCAM and decided to use it for their first 3D HD production. The astonishing resolution and image quality as well as the wide range of different focal lengths gives Kowa a unique position in this high-end market for C-mount HD-camera accessories!

↦ JC-10MP Serie ↥ sinaCAM ↥ 3D production “Huberbuam” the trailer


TP556 – innovative flexible telephoto lens system.

Kowa is introducing and innovative high-end telephoto F-mount lenses system. This new flexible system is adjustable for 3 different focal lengths using same master lens and can be used alternatively as a spotting scope.
The master lens TP556 is designed as a 500mm/F5.6 F-mount lens. To minimize chromatic aberration (color blur) that occurs in long focal length lenses, the [PROMINAR] telephoto lens utilizes one pure fluorite crystal lens and two XD (eXtra-low-Dispersion) lenses. Bringing together the advanced optical technology fostered through decades of optics development (industrial optics and sporting optics) with the use of a fluorite crystal lens has produced a camera lens with extremely high contrast and sharp image.
The converter TX07 can be fixed by a bayonet mount to the master lens and changes the optical system to a 350mm/F4.0 lens. In combination with the TX17 adapter the lens specification will change to 850mm/F9.6.

↧ Flyer (PDF | 5,3 Mb)  


4/3“ C-mount lenses

Kowa is offering new series of 4/3” C-mount lenses for sensor size with 23mm image cycle. Resolution of this new XC-series is 160lp/mm in the centre and thus it matches perfectly for example with the new Kodak sensor KAI-08050. The new XC-series includes 5 different models with focal length between 12mm up to 50mm.
Just as other machine vision lenses from Kowa this new series is constructed to withstand high requirements on vibration, shock and temperature. All models are equipped with a special broadband coating for extraordinary transmission at NIR wave length.
This new series will be available from April 2011

↧ Flyer (PDF | 1,3 Mb)   ↦ 4/3 Inch Series


43,3mm Line Scan Lenses

Kowa expand its wide portfolio of lenses for industrial vision applications by a new „Large Format“ series for 43,3mm sensor size.
The new LF-Series includes 3 different models with focal length of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. All lenses are optimized for extra high resolution and contrast from the centre to the edge with only little distortion. Due to a minimum focusing distance of less than 30cm all 3 models are suitable for close-up applications. All lenses are especially designed for industrial applications with manual focus and iris equipped with locking screws. A special lens construction in a metal housing is taking the harsh environmental requirements for industrial applications into account.

↦ Large Format Lenses


1” SWIR lens series!

The new 1” SWIR lenses are designed for the new generation of NIR/SWIR cameras with high sensitivity at wavelength between 800nm – 2000 nm. The new series is named HC-SW and different models with focal length of 25mm, 35mm and 50mm are available. Kowa succeeded to manufacture this high quality SWIR lenses by using a special coating technology and unique glass material. Complete new series can be seen and tested during Vision 2009.

↦ 1” SWIR series


2/3“ 10MP lens series!

Kowa is introducing a new line up of 2/3" Megapixel lenses especially designed for 10MP sensors. The complete range contains 7 different models with focal length starting at 5mm up to 50mm. The advanced optical design of the new 10MP lens series is supported by incorporating aspherical lens elements and the usage of special XD glass (eXtra low Dispersion). All lenses are made of at least 7 up to 9 lens elements in order to achieve the exceptional requirements on resolution and contrast.

↦ 10MP series



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